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The statistics area shows how the media library is being used. There are five sections of statistics use: Library Usage, Media Usage, User Usage, Reports, and Encoder.

Library Usage

This section displays an overview of the media library, breaking down the number of clips and categories. Notification that have yet to be processed are also displayed.

Media Usage

This section contains two graphs that show which clips are most popular based on star ratings given by users, and which clips have been most highly commented on. Below the charts, the most-viewed category and clip in the media library is displayed.

Note: If no media has been rated or commented upon, the graphs will not be present.

User Usage

This shows user activity in the media library, giving an overview of which users are uploading the most content. It shows a graph of activity for the past year.


The reports section contains a list of predefined reports that can be run by supplying specific parameters. For example, you might want to find out which clips have not been played within the previous six months. You would select the report called Media not played within the last X months, enter a value in the field for the number of months, and run the report.


The encoder section breaks down failed and successful encodes over different periods. It allows you to see the failed and successful encodes for that day, week, or month, as well as the in total for the media library.


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