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The customization area is split into six different sections that allow you to customize various aspects of MEDIAL.


The Websites section customizes the appearance of the front-end portal that users interact with and the back-end site used to upload media and administer the system.

The headers and body background image and colour can be changed, custom links added to the front-end portal and the footer text can be changed:

Header – The administration site and headers can be changed. Browse for an image to replace the default ones using the Browse buttons. The recommended resolution for the headers are 1058x126 pixels. Images will be resized if they fall outside of these dimensions.

Body – A background image and colour can be set. The image won’t cover the entire background, so set a colour to continue from the image when scrolling down the site. The recommended size is 1680x1050 pixels. The image will be resized if it falls outside of these dimensions.

Side Menu and Custom Links – Custom links can be added to the side menu in the front-end portal. Enter the name for the link to display. Then enter the URL of the site for the link. Click Add Link to add a new row when the initial two rows have been used.

Footer – By default, the media icon is displayed in the footer. Unchecking the box removes it. The footer text applies only to the front-end portal and can be customized in the text box.

Mobile Sites

The mobile sites section allows you to customize the mobile version of the front-end portal site.

For more information: The topic Using Mobile Devices explains how users interact with MEDIAL when using smart phones or tablets.

The following elements can be changed:

Header Image – Replace the header image of the media listing page. The recommended size of the images is 84x43 pixels. Images with different dimensions will be resized.

Shortcut Image – Image for the iOS device shortcut, which allows direct access to the site. The recommended dimension is 129x129 pixels. Images outside of this ratio will be resized.

Section Header Background Colour – Change the colour of the headers used throughout the mobile site.

Disclaimer Text

Enabling the disclaimer allows you to write a disclaimer in the text editor. When enabled, users see the disclaimer in the upload wizard, and have to agree to the terms in it before they can continue with the upload. 

Email Notification Text

Here you can modify the text of emails sent out to users and administrators for successful or failed uploads, as well as flagged comments and content. You can use predefined tags to insert specific values into the emails.

Predefined Email Tags

The tags that can be used in the email are displayed next to the text box.


Pixel Size




User's log-in name.



User-provided title.



Video description.



Category the clip was uploaded to.



URL to the playback page of the clip.



The iframe embed code for the clip with a small player (see the tip below).



The iframe code for embedding with a larger player.



The iframe embed code for a large player.



Javascript embed code to place the player in a web page at the smallest size.



Javascript embed code with the player at a larger size.



Javascript embed code for the largest player.



Flash embed code to place the player into a web page at the smallest size.



Flash embed code with a medium-sized player.



Flash embed code for a large player.



Link to the high-quality version of the download file.



Link to the low-quality version of the download file.



Subject of the offensive content message.



Reason the user supplied for reporting the clip.

Tip: The iframe embed code options are recommended for embed code to work across non-Flash enabled devices such as iPad/iPhone.

Help Text

Here you can edit the help text by clicking on the edit icon. The help text is available on the front-end portal by clicking Help in the main menu bar.

LTI Text

This is the text displayed when users use the LTI plugin in the virtual learning environment.

The following messages can be changed:

Logon/Register Message – Text that is displayed when the user first uses the learning tool.

Logon/Register Prompt – Change this according to how the user should proceed with the log-in or registration depending on how the plugin is configured.

File Uploaded Result Message – This message is displayed on the exit page once a file has been uploaded.

File Selected Result Message – This is displayed on the exit page when a file has been selected in the wizard and the process has been completed.

Exit Message 1 – This message is shown on the exit screen if the upload process was initiated by a rich text editor button in the learning environment.

Exit Message 2 – This is the message that is displayed on the exit screen if the upload process was initiated using a button that is not in the rich text editor in the learning environment.


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