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Modifying Your Profile

From the home screen, click the My Account menu to manage your account settings after you have logged in:

From here, choose Preferences to set a profile picture, update personal details, or change the default playback quality for media you view.

My Preferences

Your preferences allow you to change personal details. Click Change Pic at the left to select a new profile picture from a list of images.

If MEDIAL is integrated with the system-wide directory services (Active Directory or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), the values are not editable. Otherwise, you can edit the first name, last name, and email address.

You can set whether you want to use playlists, and what you would like your default playback quality to be.

If HD is selected and there is no high-definition version, the highest available rate will be played instead.

My Admin Area

If you have upload and administration rights to any categories, you will also see the notifications area. If you are a system administrator, the My Admin area provides access to the administration functions.

Administrators: For details about MEDIAL administration, refer to the section Administration.


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