If you are a MEDIAL administrator, you can configure the library settings and features by clicking the sliders icon in the top menu bar after you have logged in.

Within any of the menus, you can access the main menu again by clicking the sliders icon.

Administration Topics


Search for and manage uploaded content.


Create the categories where users upload content.


Review flagged content and comments as well as check disk space.


Control user access to the media library.


Modify the basic settings for MEDIAL.

Content Policies Create retention policies to manage content in MEDIAL and perform bulk archive and delete actions.


View graphs of site use.


Adjust the encoding settings for the uploaded media.


Modify the look and operation of MEDIAL.


Set IP addresses for tools that integrate with MEDIAL.

Quizzes Create and manage video quizzes

Content Ingest

Enable bulk media loading and set up Camtasia integration.

Embed Code

Change the code used to embed media in other products and sites.

Live Streaming

Set up channels for live broadcasts

Captions Closed Captions Settings
Zoom Configure and manage Zoom integration

Live Playback Troubleshooting

Resolve issues with live stream playback.

Navigation Elements

Use the following elements to navigate the administration site.