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Once you have carried out system preparations and are ready to install or upgrade MEDIAL, follow these topics in order, skipping a topic only if it covers an optional feature that you do not plan to use.

Codec Support

Install media codecs required by MEDIAL.

SQL Server Installation

Set up the database used to hold MEDIAL content.

Wowza Installation

Install the media streaming engine.

MEDIAL Installation

Install the MEDIAL software.

MEDIAL Upgrade, Version 4

Upgrade to MEDIAL version 4 from a previous version.

MEDIAL Upgrade, Version 5

Upgrade to MEDIAL version 5 from a previous version.

Encoder Installation

Add or upgrade a standalone transcoding instance.

Host Migration

Move the media library to a different server if necessary.


Remove MEDIAL software if necessary.

For more information: Refer to the section Plugins for installation information about directory services and learning system plugins.


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